Our Story

Formed in the winter of 2008 for a one time performance comprised of songs handpicked from the Hendrix classic, Band of Gypsys, Jamison and Double O Soul seamlessly combines raw energy and fluid musicianship, simultaneously paying tribute to Hendrix greatest band while carrying on the tradition of cosmic blues music that reached its pinnacle on the famed live album. 
Jamison and Double O Soul combines the intimacy consistent with the power trio band format of electric guitar, drums, and bass, with the soulful voice of vocalist George Jamison. Guitarist Jonathan Sloane is able to mend flattering recreation to fresh invention, spinning spiral lines and leads to satisfy the Hendrix purist and guitar enthusiasts alike. Supporting George and Jonathan are Nathan Graham on drums, and Robbie Cooper on bass, and Wes Lanich on organ providing a dark heavy groove to seed the music forward with interlocking rhythmic intensity.